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Sauna has a long tradition that has stood the test of time! Today, sauna is used all over the world for extensive relaxation and body care – and occasionally even for business meetings. Word has spread that after an extensive sweat bath, you feel like you've been reborn! Enjoy your soothing sauna session with a magnificent view of the Baltic Sea!

Finnish sauna (85°C)

The Finns did not invent the sauna, as is often assumed, but due to the loving cultivation of their sauna culture, their way of sauna bathing has probably become the most well-known form. The heat of our 85°C Finnish sauna stimulates circulation and cleanses skin and soul alike. A special highlight during the sweat session is the unique view of the Baltic Sea! Daily changing infusions also ensure a varied sauna experience on Rügen!

Sanarium (55°C – 60°C)

If a traditional Finnish sauna is too hot for you, you're better off in our 55°C to 60°C sanarium. Due to the milder temperatures, you will experience a gentle sauna experience here that is less demanding on circulation. With a humidity of 40–50 %, the sanarium is also ideal for sauna beginners who first want to get to grips with the timeless tradition.

Steam bath (42°C)

A steam bath has a similar effect to a sauna – you feel freer, clearer and calmer in spirit afterwards. In contrast to the sauna, however, the temperature here is lower at 42°C and the humidity is very high at up to 100 %. The steam bath helps with respiratory problems, rheumatic complaints and the appearance of the skin and is particularly popular with people who do not tolerate dry heat well.

Infrared cabin

The natural infrared radiation of our infrared cabin not only creates a pleasantly warm feeling via the room air but also intensifies its effect when it hits the body. A gentle and very pleasant feeling of warmth spreads over the skin without overheating. This application can be helpful for ENT complaints, skin problems and chronic pain or can be used for a carefree time-out.

Sauna shower, bucket shower, foot basin, outdoor area

After a sweat session in our sauna, you can cool down in various ways: a cold shower is just as possible as a splash from the bucket or a Kneipp knee shower in our foot basin. You can also cool off in the fresh Baltic Sea air in our small, sheltered outdoor area.

Rest area and tea station

Refreshment awaits you in our tea kitchen! Here, you will be provided with free water and tea. After all, you should drink plenty after taking a sauna. Afterwards, you can retreat to one of our two relaxation areas and consciously enjoy peaceful moments. In the informal atmosphere of our hotel, you can let go of all of your worries!

Changing rooms

At the Vju Hotel Rügen, you are able to head directly from your room to our sauna area already changed. You can take the bather lift to our temple of relaxation in your bathrobe. Changing rooms with showers are also available in our spa. As a hotel guest, you can easily gain access with your room card. External guests receive their access card at our reception.

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